WOD – Wednesday 6/12

3 rounds as a group
100m shuttle run
10 power cleans
10 hang squat cleans

Group mobility session

Weightlifting complex – 1 power clean + 1 hang squat clean
Looking back at our recent lifting history we have done this complex with the snatch and as I try to emphasize these sessions they provide a good opportunity to get better at something. We should be watching a clock and getting a lift in every 2 minutes or so, how you approach those lifts is up to you. If you are commutable with the clean and hang squat clean, build up to something heavy for the day. If you are still working on consistent technique, keep the weight light and focus on good reps.

We have been front squatting a good deal lately which transitions really well to the squat clean. In these front squat sessions, we have focused on good thoracic spine positioning, so instead of the elbows being the center of attention, the upper back should be the focus. Working on keeping your torso upright and your spine neutral in the front squat will really help you catch in a powerful position in the hang clean.

“Old Town Road”
Every 5:00 for 20:00
30 squats
20/15 cal row
10 power cleans (155/105#)
This WOD is serving multiple purposes in your programming. It is your high-intensity interval piece for the week as well as playing the heavy barbell role. So make sure you really push the pace in each of the 5-minute intervals but also make the barbell heavy. That is a tricky balance. You go too heavy and the cleans will slow you down too much, you go too light and you have missed the intention. Think something you can move efficiently; that might mean fast singles for some, doubles or triples for others. If you scale to go unbroken, you made it too light.

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