WOD – Wednesday 6/2

3 rounds of increasing intensity
150/100m row
10 banded pull-throughs
10 glute bridges

Posterior chain prep

The deadlift – review movement and begin to prepare for WOD. Complete a heavy set of 8.6.4; adding weight
The deadlift is the foundation of pulling weight off the floor. So you cannot be good at a more dynamic pull like a clean or a snatch without taking the time to be good at the starting point. The best way to get better at the deadlift is to focus on form and try to think about the movement as a leg driven exercise in which we push the ground away from the bar, not picking the bar up with the back. The more we drive with the legs the less tension we place in the lower back.

“Bar Therapy”
On a 5 min running clock
10 strict pull-ups
20/15 cal row deadlifts
Complete 5 rounds and each round the deadlift reps decrease by two, but weight must increase. All deadlift bars must start above 60% of your 1RM
The idea behind this workout is to complete the work in the given time to allow for plenty of rest, as usual. But the secondary stimulus of this one should be trying to keep the HR from spiking, unlike the other WOD’s this week. To get through each of the 3 movements, you won’t have to push the pace, so stay focused on good movement, control your breathing and work through each rep with full ROM.

The strict pull-ups can be either modified to a easier movement like a piked row or ring row, or can be modified in reps. Complete 5 a round if that is going to be challenging for you. But either way, no kipping today.

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