WOD – Wednesday 7/3

Full schedule today. Fireworks tonight!

600m row/ski or 35/30 cals AB
3 rounds w/monster band
10 push-ups
10 plank walks left
10 push-ups
10 plank walks right

Monster band mobility

A1. Bench press –
5’s should be done above 80%, 3’s should be done above 85% and singles should all be above 90%
A2. Strict pull-ups – 5 sets of 2 sub ME sets holding a challenging number of reps
I love the scientific approach to being fit. How different rep schemes, varying volume and intensities all influence the overall success of a program. Here at The Port we do all of the above with an educated approach. We also take a systematic approach to your movement planes. To keep something like shoulder healthy, strength through its entire range of motion is critical. Because the way the shoulder joint is built (ball and socket) it is one of 2 joints in the body that can basically move and rotate in any direction, which provides a unique challenge. How do we train all of this ROM. Well, we alternate between pulling and pushing while changing the direction of such exercises. For example, the bench press and strict press are both presses but the plane of movement is very different. Each plays an important role and should be included in your programming, just like pull-ups and bent over rows. So today, keep that in mind while performing both of these movements because as important as the direction is, full range of motion is even more important.

“Phone Home”
14 min AMRAP
18/16 cals AB
15m HS walk
9 HSPU’s
The HS walk into the HSPU’s will provide a very unique challenge. Trying to be efficient upside down will decrease the amount of time spent under tension, and therefore help you keep moving. If you need to scale either of these movements make sure you find a progression that challenges you for each. However, one of them should incorporate a kick up to the wall. For example, if you do shoulder taps while piked on the box for the HS walks getting off the box and kicking up to the wall for negatives would help simulate the Rx version of the workout. Someone who can do HS walks and HS push-ups will have to come down and then kick back up at some point. So incorporate that into your scaling.

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