WOD – Wednesday 6/14

Last Thursday marked the last PortFit gymnastics class. It was an awesome session. We are going to take a week off and then start our last of the 6 week program. This one is going to be devoted to building your aerobic engine. Using the rower, the assault bike, and your favorite running sneakers, we will work through a program devoted to helping you build your ‘wind’. There will be one class a week where we will focus not only on the goal of the workout but also pacing and some form work. There will be a secondary workout for you to complete on your own. If you are interested, please email Sophie to secure a spot. This one couldn’t come at a more perfect time.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 perfect push-ups
10 ring rows
:30 plank hold

3 rounds
10 front raises
10 side raises
10 rotational drills
10 weighted arm circles

4 rounds
A1. SA standing DB strict press – 10e; AHAP
A2. Strict pull-ups – a hard set of 5
*making these hard can mean different things to everyone; use a lighter band or even adding weight, up to you.

“Acting President”
18 min AMRAP
20/18 cals row
10 burpees
16 T2B
8 KB front squats (2 KB’s – 53/35#, 44/26#)
The KB’s must be positioned in the front of the body. They should rest on the outside of the delts, elbows should be parallel to the ground, and the chest should stay as upright as possible. Meaning you cannot put them on your shoulders in a “back rack” position.

Accessory Work
Accumulate 100 of each
Banded tricep push downs
Banded pull aparts

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