WOD – Wednesday 8/14

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds with monster band
Plank walk left
10 push-ups
Plank walk right
20t shoulder taps to down dog

Banded shoulder with focus on rotational work

A1. Bench press – 6×4; building
A2. Bent over row w/BB – 6×6; AHAP
Just a reminder, the bench press is a full body, compound lift. Meaning form on the bench is as important as it is when you are back squatting or deadlifting. Before you pull that bar off the rack;
– squeeze the glutes and get the lower back off the bench
– plant the feet on the ground and drive through the heels
– pull the shoulder blades down towards your butt

“Strong Habit”
100 air squats
50 S2OH (135/95#)(115/75#)
100 air squats
At first glance, this workout looks like it has 2 completely different pieces; the air squats and the S2OH. Thinking about your approach you might think about really pushing both sets of squats while breaking the S2OH into sets of 10 to 15. But do not sleep on the role of the legs in the S2OH and how badly the air squats are going to fatigue them. Go for broke in the first set and the leg drive might not be there when you need it. Take some scheduled breaks so you can let the legs recover enough.

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