WOD – Wednesday 8/31

1000m row
Then 2 rounds, 1 w/a barbell
10 straight legged deadlifts
10 high pulls
10 front squats
*CFP clean warm-up; discuss and review 3 positions

Hips, hamstrings and front rack position

3 position clean – work up to a heavy weight in 15 min
Work from the top down; high hang, hang, floor
*the bar can not be dropped between the high hang and hang clean, but can be dropped and reset for the pull from the floor

“Captian’s Pick”
16 min AMRAP
1 rope climb
7 clean and jerks (155/105#)(135/95#)
12/10 cals on AB
*clean and jerks could be singles but you should be getting right back on the bar. Scale your weight accordingly!
**everyone will be doing some version of a rope climb, please see a coach.

Accessory Work
10 min EMOM
Every minute complete a sustainable number of strict pull-ups, think about something you can hold throughout the entire EMOM

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