WOD – Wednesday 9/18

2 minutes in Z1
3 rounds
10 strict press press
10 bent over rows
10 push-ups w/:02 pause at bottom (not on your chest)

Shoulder prep for strength

Push press – wave format; 3.2.1
Plan for 3 rounds all over 60%
Work up to a really heavy single here. Thinking about these final waves, good form will make or break the heavy reps. Anytime we go overhead there are two rules that we must prioritize;
1. The bar must move in a straight line.
2. We must focus on starting and finishing in a ‘stacked’ position.
3. Get the bar in a good racked position and use your legs to do most of the work.
Today our main focus is that third point. The push press isn’t the strict press because we get to use our legs. They say in a perfect vacuum, you should be able to push press 30% more than you can strict press. So get the bar racked on the shoulders, tuck your ribs down, lean back into the dip and drive that bar straight over your head. Try to hold yourself accountable to these three rules, and see what happens during your waves.

“Rusty Spoons”
4 rounds for total time/reps
1 set UB pull-ups
1 set UB ring dips
75 DU’s
Rest 2:00
The trickiest workout of the week because time is not necessarily the biggest priority. Providing yourself enough rest while attacking each set appropriately in terms of reps will get you the most reps and that is more the point than the fastest time. Even though we might not know our “max” set of pull-ups or dips we should be able to feel failure coming on. Try to stay 1 or 2 reps away from that. As you get tired, that might mean less and less reps, which is fine, it is expected. But be smart, take the rest you need, but keep moving.
Score for Wodify is the time it took you minus :01 for every rep you completed.

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