WOD – Wednesday 9/4

8 min EMOM
Evens – 10/8 cals AB (done AFAP)
Odds – 20 air squats
*all done while wearing a monster band

Coach led mobility session based on strength

Box squats – find a 3RM and a 1RM
Here we go. The last 10 weeks have all led to today. Let’s make sure we are following the rules of the box squat while trying to find a new 3RM and a new 1RM. We are all pretty comfortable now with the movement and watching you guys gain confidence in something relatively new has been fun. Today though we should understand that in order to spot the box squat correctly, we will need a person on either side of the bar who are confident in helping when the person asks for help. Making sure you know when and how to jump in will be a major priority today.

1000/800m row
50 wall balls
25 box jumps
Rest until the 12:00 mark
Then 1200m run
*score is both times.
**if you get capped in the first section, add 1 second for every rep you didn’t complete.
So really two pieces to this WOD where one will definitely effect the other. For some, it makes sense to really push the first piece so that you get a good deal of rest for the second. For others, it might make sense to slow your pace and just keep moving forward so that a sprint like pace doesn’t spike the heart rate. Either way, there is basically a 12 minute time cap on the row, wall ball, and box jumps while there is no time cap on the run. Talk to a coach about intended stimulus and proper approach.

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